Devised Works

I have co-created, written, produced, and performed in the following works.

Gathering Sparks

Gathering Sparks

Generation Why ensemble

Exploriment Festival:

(Bangkok, Thailand)

May 2015

Theatre Row: February 2015

No Entiendo

No Entiendo

Generation Why ensemble

Pace University: May 2014

Down the Urinal Hole & Around the Corner

Down the Urinal Hole and Around the Corner

The Cult Next Door ensemble


"I'm speechless...but I know I have to come back. It's hard to explain...but magnetic is the best word I have for it."

"Spectacular, extraordinarily eccentric, freakish, wondrous! Just a few of the words you could use to describe this show & absolutely loved it! i will definitely have to watch again soon."

Dixon Place: October & November 2017

Kansas City Fringe Festival: July 2017

Schaeberle Studio Theatre: December 2016